HEY Could someone tell me some cool new animes to watch that are interesting af and have a more intelectual side as well as fighting and what not? cause ive just finished my most recent animes i was on and now i feel so LOST

thanks :)

ps just like send me fanmail with lists of anime or send me a ask :)

yes pysco pass is one of my favs that ive recently finished and by new anime/ new shows i dont mean the necesarily had to come out this year just looking for stuff i havent viewed before lol currently im on full metal alchamest and thats it for on going i mean other then shippuden cause i have to wait a week for each new episode lol  

Why are people always surprized by

-me listening to bands like sws adtr asl of mice an men etc
-me watching animes like ive already completely finished over 18 animes and like religously stay up to date on naruto shippuden
-me being native amrican #moosecree
-me listening to traditional music aswell as native artists

Like for real guys whats the issue yo? Music is music it doesnt matter what you look like or act like you can still like what ever music you want to…..and i know its hard to believe a native guy can have an afro or cornrows but its called mixed herritage so fuck off alsoyour never too cool to watch anime thats like me saying your too cool to watch what ever you like watching like its just my choice in what i view online or elsewhere jesus christ why does my life choices concern you so much? Im me and i aint ever ginna stop being me soo ill like what I like